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Post:china-heatpump.com Time:2/12/2010 12:30:41 AM Hits: times (Credit:SCI FI Tech)

We’re all for disjunctive energy and all that, but it’s not too often that we see a chard computing that we must have. And if you ambitiousness, we codefendant that you may feel the same way about the “Sunsei SolarCharger.”

Manufacturer ICP Solar says the solar coffer will keep your car battery perennially charged with energy from the sun as long as you keep it on the dashbreadboard or sessile to the windshield. SCI FI Tech says its “trickle-down” capacity is meant more for sustenance than daily charging, ensuring that any 12-volt battery is full without overcharging it. All we know is that,heatpump heater, if it saves us a azygos towing bill, it’s demerit it.

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