Kolant DC Inverter air to water heat pump R32 Series
DC inverter Erdwärme-Wärmepumpe mit hohem COP
  • What is Kolant R32 Inverter Heat Pump?

1. Kolant R32 heat pump is new generation heat pump with COP above 4.5 and utilize the energy from surrounding air and move it to hot

 water for house air conditioning heating-cooling and domestic water heating.

2. It works to move heat from air to water, so it is much more energy saving than traditional boiler and furnace.

3. All our R32 inverter heat pump can satisfy Central Heating, cooling and domestic water heating of a whole family demand.

  • Unique features of Our R32 inverter Heat Pump

1. World advanced auto defrost technology to ensure well working in cold

 weather with operation range from -25ºC to 43ºC for heating.

2. Best well-known components such as Daikin, Hitachi, Wilo. Parts ensure reliablity.

3. Environmental refrigerant R32 and well calibrated system to ensure best performance during cold weather.

4. More safe ,advanced and 4 times energy saving than traditional boiler.

  • Most Advanced European Technology
  1. Additional 2nd heating/cooling Switch function interface enable to control the heat pump through any other thermostat or switch for convenient control. It can switch the heat pump for heating or cooling according to room thermostat change.
  2. Real Weekly on/off timers (different for each day) help to choose the lowest electricity price working time to save money.
  3. Routine Legionella function (Killing bacteria) to rise the DHW to 70ºC.
  4. Jumpers on control board for flexible function setting  according to different requirement.
  5. Weather compensation function- Auto target water temp curve according to different  ambient  temp.
  • Unique Advanced R32 DC Inverter Technology -only for inverter HP
  • Soft start with only 2 amp start current.
  • Most comfortable due to stable room temp.
  • Always comparing the target water temp and current water temp difference to maintain minimum 200W~400W/h consumption to keep the highest COP.
  • Full range DC inverter 6kw, 9k, 12k, 16k, 19k,25kw available. Single phase and 3 phase are both available.
  • Operation range extend to air temp of -25~43degrC.
  • Top Quality Components
  1. SU316(higher quality than normal SU304) Stainless steel plate heat exchanger.
  2. Daikin,Mitsubishi,Toshiba,Hitachi brand Compressor
  3. Janpanese Saginomiya brand EEV(electronic expansion valve) for an accurate regulation in cold climate. 20% higher COP than normal expansion valve.
  4. Janpanese Saginomiya brand 4 way valve.
  5. Pressure protection, low temperature protection, Microprocessor control and error alarm and display.

Die oben genannten Teile damit unsere Wärmepumpe zu werden störungsfreien Produkte.

  • Flexible Applications
  • Free functions combination: heating, cooling with or without hot water.
  • Flexible installation. Compatible with :
    • Fußbodenheizung und-Kühlung.  
    • Fan-coils und Niedrigtemperatur-Heizkörper.
    • Solar-Wasser-Heizung.
  •  Full range from 2.5kw~ 30kw
  • Typical Application
  • Most Cost Saving Solar-Heat Pump Combination Tech enable our R32 inverter heat pump to work together with solar.
  • Kolant heat Pumps Certificates

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