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DC inverter vertical fan air to air heat pumps to replace furnace
The products range is of  36kbtu and  48kbtu. One unit can provide heating and cooling for whole family . The Vertical fan […]
DC Inverter light commercial air conditioner-product-156
  *DC Inverter type is available for 18KBTU,24KBTU,36KBTU. Including DC inverter ceiling cassette type, floor ceiling console type, duct type […]
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5KW-17KW-product-153
  Technical Data 18K 24K 28K 36K(220) 36K(380) 45K Cooling Capacity   W 5,200 7,300 8,200 9,200 9,200 13,200 Heating […]
Universal Air Conditioner Floor and Ceiling Type-product-154
Technical Data 18K 24K 28K 36K(220) 36K(380) 45K 60K Cooling Capacity W 5,200 7,200 8,250 9,200 9,200 13,100 16,200 Heating […]
Duct Type Air Conditioner5KW-17KW-product-151
The High and Mid-static pressure ducted split air conditioners are specially designed for European Family and office.   With our long […]
Horizontal Compact Air Conditioner-product-163
Horizontal Compact Air Conditioner Characters Pre-compact type unit (easily convertible into split units). Low-profile design for installation in suspended ceiling. […]