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DC inverter vertical fan air to air heat pumps to replace furnace
The products range is of  36kbtu and  48kbtu. One unit can provide heating and cooling for whole family . The Vertical fan […]
70 degree High temperature ground source Trinity Heat pump
 70? outlet water temp by only heat pump without any assistant heaters.    High temperature heat pump to replace boiler directly. Stable heating […]
Waste water source heat pump with Titanium heat exchanger
Direct access to any industrial waste water, domestic waste water, sea water. Titanium Heat exchanger,special water source heat pump for […]
Low ambient temp split heat pump-to replace gas boiler-8,11,14,17,20,23KW
Minus -20 ºC working heating-Palm Tritherma split heat pump Best replacement for old gas boiler with Palm split heat pump. Heating […]
Triaqua Split Heating Cooling Hot water HeatPump-LowNoise-60Hz-product-175
          Suitable for Canada and USA home heating system. Heating Cooling and hot water HeatPump-60Hz 17KW  Thanks for […]