We produce many kinds of heat pumps

Triaqua Monobloc heat pump-one inner water tank with expansion tank
1.Triaqua Monobloc heat pump-one inner water tank with expansion tank for easy installation. 2.Heating Cooling and domestic hot water multifunctional  Heat Pump available for 11KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,23KW 3. Intelligent automatic operation mode of DHW and room […]
Heating Cooling Heat Pump available for 2KW,3.5KW,4.5KW,7KW,9KW,11KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,22KW,30,40KW 1. Heat pump with combined Heating, cooling and domestic hot waterfunction in one solution for all family requirement in whole year. 2. Built inside fuzzy logic so […]
Low ambient temp split heat pump-to replace gas boiler-8,11,14,17,20,23KW
Minus -20 ºC working heating-Palm Tritherma split heat pump Best replacement for old gas boiler with Palm split heat pump. Heating + Cooling + Domestic hot water in one solution. Similar function as popular split heat pump. Can be working heating in super cold […]
Split air source solar heat pump-11-23KW-product-149
HEATING COOLING AND DOMESTIC HOT WATER AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP-11KW-23KW Smart Combination of Air Conditioning Heating, Cooling and Sanitary Water Heat Pump Heater. Two Water Tanks Built Inside. Seperate Water Cycle For Air Conditioning and Domestic Water. 4 Time […]