We produce many kinds of heat pumps

Heat Pump Mini Chiller Heating-Cooling-DHW-17-23KW-product-158
    Heating Cooling Heat Pump available for 11KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,23KWDHW automatic operation mode for more energy saving; Air heating automatic operation mode to achieve more energy saving; Great economical air heating mode to keep comfortable feeling with most […]
Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heater-product-152
Our pool heat pump can be installed in many environments, including constant temperature swimming pool, sauna or at home heating.
Triaqua Split Heating Cooling Hot water HeatPump-LowNoise-60Hz-product-175
          Suitable for Canada and USA home heating system. Heating Cooling and hot water HeatPump-60Hz 17KW  Thanks for the low noise technology, it never cause any neighborhood complaint problem. Smart Combination of  Air Conditioning Heating, Cooling an […]
Three in One Air to Water Heat Pump-11KW-product-164
  HEATING COOLING AND DOMESTIC HOT WATER AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP-12KW T1 and T2 (Low temperature heat pump) models are both available. Smart Combination of Air Conditioning Heating, Cooling and Clean Sanitary Water Heat Pump Heater. Two Water Tanks Built Inside. […]