We produce many kinds of heat pumps

Heat recovery heat pump 7kw-9kw
Thanks to our Epoch-Making new technolgy, Our new heat recovery heat pump efficency (COP) is more than 7.0 when central cooling + hot water; COP is up to 5.0 when central heating+hot water. It means 1KW electricity input equal 7KW output.                       […]
More comfortable swimming with Palm Pool Heat Pump
Heating cooling function to extend swimming season with our energy saving pool heat pump.
Air to water heat pump 3.5KW to 30KW-product-157
Note: (1) The circulation pump and the auxiliary electric heater is optional. (2)The data of stable running condition(when defrosting,the average heating capacity reduces about 10% compare to corresponding data) (3)Surrounding air temperature/outlet water temp […]
Heating Cooling Hot Water MonoBloc HeatPump 14KW-product-176
Heating Cooling heat pump available for 11KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,23KW A.Heat pump with Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function in one solution. B. One water tank built inside C. More Operation Mode for heat pump: DHW automatic operation mode for more energ […]