We produce many kinds of heat pumps

Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump 3.5KW-5KW-8KW
Palm Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump 3.5KW-5KW-8KW Palm heat pump Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump is ideal system to utilize existing water tank of boiler or electric heater with much more cost saving and more safety. Striking characters: 1. Only water p […]
Air to water heat pump combine heating cooling and hot water 2kw-30kw
Heating Cooling Heat Pump available for 2KW,3.5KW,4.5KW,7KW,9KW,11KW,15KW,17KW,20KW,22KW,30,40KW 1. Heat pump with combined Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function in one solution for all family requirement in whole year. 2. Built inside fuzzy logic s […]
30~40KW side blowing air to water heat pump-high COP-Snow proof
Much more advantage for rain, snow proof. Side blowing model for big capacity air to water heat pump is Much more reliable than upper blowing models. Avoid big problem for snow block the heat pump blowing way. Much better COP than normal upper blowing heat pum […]
2IN1,one outdoor for many indoor units center heat pump to heat cool your room
Palm Heating Cooling Heat Pump can use one outdoor unit to cover as many as you like indoor units for room heating and cooling. Palm advantage is better than 2 in 1 ,3 in 1 air conditioners and comfortable as inverter air conditioners Palm Heat Pump can be use […]