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About Our Team
[separator type=’transparent’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’15’ down=’15’]       Here is Palm A/C & Equipment Co.,Ltd, a unique company culture based in genuine personal connection. As the team continues to grow, we will undoubtedly maintain relations akin to a close-knit family. We want the work environment to offer not only valuable professional experiences, but an enjoyable, innovative atmosphere. Our camaraderie, as well as our confidence in our products has helped us excel in our industry. [separator type=’transparent’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’15’ down=’15’] Management Team Our main management team for company operation including marketing and technicians. Long years of large company management with experience of ISO9001,5S,MRPII. Palm possess engineers with more than 20 years heat pump experience. Mr.James is our general engineer. He is in heat pump field for more than 30 years. Technical and Marketing Brain Storm Meeting When it comes to marketing requirement, our dynamic James, Jose are often disccuss together with our European partner shareholder for marketing trends. Marketing Team With Customer Export team visited customers abroad. Philip is keen to build a long terms cooperation with customers. With long years heat pump experience, he is willing to give good consultantion to customers. Don’t hesitate to bother him with any question or doubt. Assembly Line Workers Each time you receive an item from Palm, the worker team, headed by Mr.Zhang, is undoubtedly responsible. Once you place an order, Mr.Zhang will prepare a list for different department work. After all material come, the assembly workers team will start work to assembly, testing and packing. With their responsible heart and quality control department […]