Banning inefficient hot water systems in new houses with heat pump

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Kunming solar water heat system is boomming with heat pump

The ACT Greens will introduce a bill to the Legislative Assembly today banning inefficient hot water systems in new houses.

If the legislation is passed, all hot water systems installed in new houses will need to be low-emission types such as solar, heat pump or efficient gas.

From next year, the law would also apply to anyone replacing an existing hot water system in Canberra.

Maybe heat pump is the better choice.

The Greens’ planning spokeswoman, Caroline Le Couteur, says the bill works hand-in-hand with the Federal Government’s $1,600 rebate for efficient hot water systems.

“Given they’ve offered so much money, we want to make sure that the people of Canberra take advantage of the Commonwealth’s money,” she said.

“They don’t want to inadvertently put in an old-style, not-so-efficient hot water server when they could put in a more efficient one and a cost effective one.

“They use less energy and they cost less to run. They’re environmentally more efficient and economically more efficient. They’re a win-win. Whichever way you look at it, it’s the way to go.”

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