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Smart Combination of Air Conditioning Heating, Cooling and Clean Sanitary Water Heat Pump Heater.

Two Water Tanks Built Inside. Seperate Water Cycle For Air Conditioning and Domestic Water.

4 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater.

1/4 OF Normal Bill Help You to Win the Whole Unit Free In One Year.

Main Characters:

1. Can be connected with solar water heater system.
2. Fault self diagnosis and warning function.
3. From the functions, we have desigend the unit specially according to the requierment of the European countries for the propose of environment protection.
Also some sepcial functions to be applicable with the requirements for the healthy caring. For example, our unit has the sterilization function. That is the water in the tank for the shower, will be heated to a very high temperature for some hours every period to kill viruse.

4. From the design, our have two seperate parts: indoor unit and outdoor unit. Only the indoor unit has the water recirculation. The outdoor unit has no water recirculation. It avoids the most dangerous problem of water freezing. We also have some special treatment and protection for the super cold weather up to -20 centigrade. With smart design, even when power off, it still can keep no freeze for several hours. Our super model heating capacity and COP are also much improved than normal model.

5. Our system has two water tanks built inside. One for domestic hot water, second for air conditioning heating and cooling. It contain 3 circuits built inside. One is for refrigerant, the other two are for water.
The following Hydraulic components are built inside to simplify installation work.
(1.Domestic Hot Water pump
(2.Air conditioning water pump for 12KW
(3.Expansion vessels.
(4.Filling system.
(5.Water tanks.
(6.Purging system.
(7.Safety valves.
(8.Water filter.
The above parts are all installed and preset in the factory. It can save 80% installation time and can save several thousand EURO labour cost.

6. Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world
The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type
Check valves: Danfoss brand from Danmark and Castel brand italy.
Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand
Water pump: Germany Wilo brand

1/4 cost of gas heater.

With excellent Design with Spain and , the efficiency is extrimly high. The Capacity is almost 4 times than conventional boiler and gas heater. It can save 50% cost than normal heating system.

Two Water Tanks Built inside, No Need Accumulation Tank, Flexible Installation It is no need to install a accumulation water tank between indoor and outdoor unit. This will save much trouble and space.The installation is flexible with mutiple diversity of indoor units.

Technical Data 3AQUA-11 3AQUA-14 3AQUA-17 3AQUA-19 3AQUA-23
Heating Capacity KW 10.30 14.20 16.50 19.20 22.70
Power Input KW 2.45 3.45 3.67 4.55 5.10
COP 4.20 4.12 4.50 4.22 4.45
Cooling Capacity KW 10.60 14.50 17.10 19.50 23.00
Power Input KW 3.21 4.46 4.82 6.10 6.05
EER 3.30 3.25 3.55 3.20 3.80
Domestic Hot Water Capacity KW 9.56 12.90 15.80 17.75 21.00
Power Input KW 2.45 3.49 4.05 4.57 5.70
COP 3.90 3.70 3.90 3.88 3.68
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 230/1/5 or


Gas pipe Inch 5/8″ 3/4″
Liquid pipe Inch 3/8″
Compressor type Scroll
Refrigerant type R-410a
Water bank of air conditioner Liter 50
Water bank of D.H.W Liter 90
Dimensions Indoor Unit MM 1360x590x590
Outdoor Unit MM 860*870*325 960*970*345 1260*970*345 1460*970*345 1460*970*345
Weight Indoor Unit Kg 125 128 132 135 135
Outdoor Unit Kg 75 98 120 130 132
Sound Pressure Indoor Unit Db(A) 28
Outdoor Unit Db(A) 48 48 51 52 53

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