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Air to water heat pump 3.5KW to 30KW-product-157


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Air to water heat pump 3.5KW to 30KW-product-157


(1) The circulation pump and the auxiliary electric heater is optional.
(2)The data of stable running condition(when defrosting,the average heating capacity reduces about 10% compare to corresponding data)
(3)Surrounding air temperature/outlet water temperature

Product Description

Our heat pump is a new generation heat pump prduct developed with the most advanced heating technologies. The heat pump utilizeds the energy from surrounding air and converts it to the hot water for house air conditioning heating cooling and domestic hot water supply. The whole range of this heat pump is strictly tested with our European partners to make sure the best quality for European market. Especially for super low temperature area. The working abient is -15 degree to 45 degree and keep supply of warm water from 35 degree to 60 degree.

We select the best well known components for our heat pump such as Copeland compressor, Siemens, Danfoss, Wilo. It provide the most reliability to our customers.
Striking characters distinguish from other products

1.High efficiency and energy saving

2.Environmental friendly refrigerant

3.Keep working in super low temperature

4.Using step fan motor to make the accurate control

5.Water flow protection, pressure prtection, temp protection keep the the system safety.
Other characters

1.Stainless steel plate heat exchanger with maximum pressure 40 bar

2.100% stainless water circuit to keep water clean

3.Microprocessor control and error alarm and display

4.Electric protection class IPX4

5.Compact design for good looking, easy installation and maintenance

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