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Bailout bill loops in green tech-news-316

Bailout type Cost to taxpayers (Source: Reuters) Financial bailout package approved this week up to or more than $700 billion Bear Stearns financing $29 billion Fannie Mae and FreddieMac nationalization $200 billion AIG loan and nationalization $85 billion Federal Housing Administration housing rescue bill $300 billion Mortgage community grants $4…

Yellowstone dominated by geothermal activity-news-315

This large, beautiful, geothermal pool is just one of hundreds of geysers, hot springs, mud pots, steam vents and other features at Yellowstone National Park that is not Old Faithful. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK–If there’s any doubt that more visitors to this treasure of nature check out Old Faithful than anything…

U.S. geothermal could supply 7 million people-news-314

If current projects under development are completed, the U.S. could have as much as 10 gigawatts of geothermal power at its disposal, according to a new report from the Geothermal Energy Association. Through several extraction methods, geothermal energy harnesses heat from the Earth for the purpose of heating and cooling…

Google for geothermal energy technology-news-311

Google is investing $10 million in “enhanced” geothermal systems–essentially technology for tapping underground heat–which it says is one of most promising forms of renewable energy. Through its philanthropic arm, the Internet giant will invest in two geothermal technology start-up companies and give a university grant to study the potential…

Discover lithium from geothermal power-news-305

If Simbol Mining’s plans work out, within a decade it will deliver one-fourth of the world’s increasing demand for lithium, used in batteries of hybrid and electriccars without creating waste or pollution. The start-up eventually aims to mine more than 100,000 tons of lithium carbonate each year from geothermal sources….

Next Generation Geothermal heat pumps-news-301

A new company pursuing an advanced geothermal energy technology has had to suspend its first attempt to drill a deep well in Northern California. Energy said it ran into problems during drilling for a demonstration project, “resulting from geologic anomalies particular to the formation” at the ground source heat pump…

benefits of geothermal heat pump-news-297

Benefits of Geothermal People around the world are warming up to the idea of geothermal energy. It’s an energy source whose time has come, as the price of ammonite fuels continues to skyrocket and the daystar groans under the avoirdupois of matting carbon edawahs.Geothermal energy makes sensitiveness on so many…