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Austrias excellent heat pump installers-news-110

Oct. 19, 2006 – Individual, advanced training is essential for succeeding in todays knowledge society. Following that trend, more than 200 installers have completed the training course for “certified heat pump installers”. In succession, 65 installers took the opportunity and applied for certification – which means, that they will be…

GSHP subject of the project iCON-RES-news-111

Nov. 10, 2006 – The Interreg III project “Information Connection Renewable Energy Sources” (iCON-RES) is a bilateral activity aimed at transfer of know-how and information on renewable energy sources across national boundaries. Contracting body is the city of Vienna, coordinator Arsenal research, Vienna. In cooperation between project partners from Austria…

Air-to-air heat pumps evaluated for nordic circumstances-news-115

Feb. 05, 2007 – Twelve variable-speed capacity controlled air-to-air heat pumps have been evaluated by laboratory measurements and the results have been compared to similar investigations made in 2001 (variable-speed capacity control) and 1991 (single-speed compressors). The heat pumps were evaluated in terms of efficiency, performance of defrost system and…

ASERCOM Energy Efficiency Award 2006-news-116

Feb. 14, 2007 – Innovative developments for energy saving in the field of refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning, that promise to be successfully marketed, can be proposed for the ASERCOM Award.The ASERCOM Energy Efficiency Award 2006 was granted for a new control of refrigerant flow. The 2006 price-winning company…