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china heat pump | DC inverter air source Trinity heat pump 6KW-9KW-11KW-15KW-product-180

DC inverter air source Trinity heat pump 6KW-9KW-11KW-15KW-product-180


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DC inverter air source Trinity heat pump 6KW-9KW-11KW-15KW-product-180

DC Inverter air source Heat Pump with New design Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions, R410a, 8KW,11KW,15KW
With most advance European technology to work well in Minus -25¬ļC

Higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump.


Main Characters:

1.  Heating and Cooling function 
Extrimly energy saving, super cost saving with R410a gas inside.
3.  Installation is easy and flexible.
4.  Can be connected with solar water heater system.
5.  All water access parts are stainless steel to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution 

 Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost:
  Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world
Heat exchanger: SWEP brand plate heat exchanger from Sweden.
Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand
Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan
The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products.


Models Air temp/outlet water temp AH-6AC-410DC AH-9AC-410DC AH-11AC-410DC AH-15AC-410DC
Heating capacity / Input Power / COP (KW) at A20/W35¬įC 8.85/1.49/5.94 12.06/1.69/7.14 13/2.67/4.87 18.4/3.92/4.69
at A7/W35¬įC 6.57/1.32/4.98 8.95/1.5/5.97 10.6/2.5/4.24 14.6/3.71/3.94
at A7/W45¬įC 6.25/1.55/4.03 8.51/1.76/4.84 9.86/3.03/3.25 12.9/3.63/3.55
at A2/W35¬įC 5.85/1.28/4.57 7.97/1.45/5.5 9.02/2.57/3.51 12.99/3.59/3.62
at A2/W45¬įC 5.56/1.5/3.71 7.57/1.7/4.45 8.8/2.86/3.08 11.66/3.74/3.12
Cooling Capacity/input power/ EER at A35/ W18¬ļC 6.51/1.4/4.65 8.14/1.78/4.57 10.81/2.60/4.16 15.2/3.98/3.82
Max.currentt                           (A) 9.5 12 15 22
Electric supply 230V/50-60Hz
Max.water temperature            (oC) 60
Running temperature range      (oC) -25 ~ 43
Refrigerant circuit Refrigerant R410a
DC Invertercompressor(s) Twin Rotary Twin Rotary Twin Rotary Scroll
Heat exchange Copper and Hydrauphilic Aluminum Fin
Air flow     (m3/h) 2100 2400 2900 4000
Water circuit Heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
In/Out pipe DN20(3/4”) DN20(3/4″) DN25(1”)
Water flow  (m3/h) ?0.8 ?1.2 ?1.8 ?2
permitted pressure ?0.8MPa
Unit dimensions   WxHxD   (mm) 855x635x335 850x850x310 880*1090*400 1016*1090*462
Pacage dimensions   WxHxD   (mm) 985x745x410 985x980x410 1035**1190*508 1170*1180*530
Net weight                               (Kg) 45 64 95 140
Gross weight                            (Kg) 50 75 115 150
Noise level                             (dB(A)) 46 49 50 52
Loading quantity for 20’/40′ 60/120 60/120 54/108 42/84

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