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Full Inverter heat pump with high COP and colorful touch screen

Main characters: 1-Luxury Touch Screen Controller with Advanced Tech. 2-Optional Mobile Wifi Cloud server control on all platform including Android, Iphone, website. 3-Operation under ambient temp from -25°C to 53°C. 4-Low start current of 2A. 5-Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function. 6-Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressor high technology. 7- Panasonic inverter…

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      Here is Palm A/C & Equipment Co.,Ltd, a unique company culture based in genuine personal connection. As the team continues to grow, we will undoubtedly maintain relations akin to a close-knit family. We want the work environment to offer not only valuable professional experiences, but an enjoyable,…


  TUV CE Certificate TUV CE Certificate No:N8 11 09 76109 001,N8 11 09 76109 002,E8N 11 09 76109 003,E8N 11 09 76109 004 Check our CE certificate Authentic at TUV sud website with our Certificate No TUV EN14511 Test Approval Certificate issued by CHC Credit Evaluation Bureau Credit Certificate  issued by…

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